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Produce In Me: Week 3

Produce in Me: Week 3

Jars of joy.  Painting with real bananas.  Instagram giveaway winner.  This has been my favorite week of Produce in Me!

I have two files you can download this week.  One of the files has the devotion and images you can use.  The second file just contains a bunch of different sizes of the jars of joy that are included this week!  I had so much fun creating the jar image.  I wanted to print the jars and use them on every page in my Bible, so I created this separate document that I ended up printing on sticker paper.

Download devotion here

Download jars of joy here

Watch YouTube video here

We have our Instagram giveaway winner!  Congrats @patioponderings.  I also decided to give the other ladies who participated and posted pictures of their pages a little something, too.  Thinking about doing another Instagram giveaway at the end of the summer for this class, too?  Would you guys like that?

On my week 3 topic page, I used the Creative Faith downloadable Scrabble letters to spell out “Week 3 – Joy.”  You can download and print them here.  I love using these Scrabble letters in different projects.

I have been working on finding joy in 2017.  This week, God surprised me by putting the story of Ruth on my heart.  I had been preparing to teach about Ruth in Kidz Church, and I realized how Naomi’s story is so much a story about finding joy.  At the beginning of the book of Ruth, she is so sad after losing her husband and two sons.  By the end of the book, she has a family and a home and lots of joy.  In my traveler’s notebook this week, I created a tip-in to write about what I can learn from Naomi’s story.

I also have been listening to Tauren Wells’ song Hills and Valleys (listen to the acoustic version here – it’s the best!), which reminded me of the book of Ruth so much that I journaled the lyrics all over Ruth chapter 1.

This week I did two Bible journaling pages in English.  The next one is super simple in Psalm 30.  I really want to encourage you all that Bible journaling does not have to take a ton of time.  I think God loves it when we open up His Word and spend a few extra minutes interacting with the text.  On this page, I used a few watercolor colored pencils, some stamps from the Target Dollar Section, and the joy phrase printed on sticker paper.

On the YouTube video you will also see a tutorial using real bananas to make this little journaling card.  This brought me SO MUCH JOY to create.  I had the best time ever painting bananas blue and yellow.  I cannot take credit for the idea to use fruit in Bible journaling.  My wonderful friend and boss Dana used real strawberries to paint last week, and I loved the idea.  I was trying to figure out what to do with bananas, and I thought of the idea to cut them and use it as a stamp.

I would encourage you guys to step outside your comfort zone and do something totally different and crazy that will fill you with JOY this week as you journal God’s Word.

Comment below if you plan on trying the banana stamping technique.  🙂

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  1. Love, love, love all the beautiful colors!! Also, with mason jars and yellow flowers you just cant go wrong!! So excited there might be another give away, I love seeing everyone’s work and how creative they are. I’m definitely going to be using bananas after watching the Spanish speaking video!! I’ve been inspired!

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