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En Español: Produce En Mí, Semana #3

En español: Produce en Mí, Semana #3

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Week three has been my favorite so far.  (Maybe I will say that each week, though?)  I had so much fun painting with…BANANAS!  I chopped a banana in two little bits and used it in my traveler’s notebook and Bible page.

I have two files you can download this week.  One of the files has the devotion and images you can use.  The second file just contains a bunch of different sizes of the jars of joy that are included this week!  I had so much fun creating the jar image.  I wanted to print the jars and use them on every page in my Bible, so I created this separate document that I ended up printing on sticker paper.

Descargar devocional aqui

Descargar vasos de gozo aqui

Watch YouTube video here

This week of Produce in Me was so fun and full of joy.  My friend Dana had the most brilliant idea to use real fruit each week on her notebook pages for the class.  Last week she used strawberries, and they looked so cute.  I thought it was such a creative idea, so I used bananas this week.

In my traveler’s notebook this week, I also printed a picture to include.  One of the prompts at the end of the devotion asks you to draw the place where you go when you need joy.  The first place that popped into my head was the roof of my apartment when I was living in the Dominican Republic.  Instead of drawing, I thought it would be fun and different to print a picture to include.  Lately, I have been thinking about different ways to use photos in Bible and prayer journaling.  My traveler’s notebook turned into a tropical themed page with more palm trees on the little tip-in I created.

On the spread in my traveler’s notebook, I used the Creative Faith downloadable Scrabble letters.  You can find and print them here.  These are a great resource because you can use them on any page in your Bible or journal.  Sometimes it is hard to find Bible journaling resources in Spanish, but you can spell whatever you would like with these letters.

I love listening to worship music.  Songs bring me joy, and even though I do not have the greatest singing voice in the world, I love lifting my hands and voice to praise God.  As I read through the book of Ruth, I kept thinking about this song.  I ended up using the lyrics on the last page of Naomi’s story in Ruth.  As you watch the YouTube video for Creative Faith this week, you’ll see how God taught me a lot through this little book of the Bible this week.

Often we think of the book of Ruth as a love story between her and Boaz, which is true, but Naomi is also a key part of the story.  Her sadness at the beginning changes to joy at the end.

Have you ever used songs in Bible journaling before?  In week three, grab a banana, some paint, listen to your favorite worship music and see what God is going to teach you!

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