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Hillary_KrippaehneI have grown up in a Christian home.  I have gone to church since I was a baby.  I learned what it was like to run with Jesus and have a relationship with Him when I was a freshman in high school.  That’s when I started reading my Bible, back in 2006.

But for the past ten years I have read my Bible on and off.  There will be times when I am “good” and read it daily.  Other times I would go for weeks or months without opening it.

August 2014 I moved to the Dominican Republic for two years.  My first year in the country was very rough.  I did not have many friends, but God used that time to bring me close to Him.

I started spending lots of time with Jesus.  I used plain notebooks that I would fill with Bible verses, song lyrics, and prayers.  Lots and lots of prayers.  Questioning God.  Pleading with Him.  Tear-stained pages, pages with food crumbs stick in the crack and crease.

Fall of 2015 I discovered Bible journaling on Instagram.  I stumbled across several accounts and companies.  I fell in love with the idea.  In January 2016 I purchased a journaling Bible.  I got to use the gifts and talents God gave me to share and spend time with Him.  I spent hours diving into the Word and painting the passages.

I discovered I wasn’t forgetting what I read.  I was retaining the information and stories in a deeper manner because I was engaged with them more than I ever had been before.  I truly started to actually delight in spending time with God.  An obsession overtook me.  I preferred sitting on my kitchen table water coloring pages in my Bible over going out for ice cream with friends.

de·light    dəˈlīt/
to take great pleasure in; something that makes you extremely happy
(from here)

I wanted to share this with every person I knew.  I needed to tell people about Bible journaling and how it was an amazing way to spend time with God.  As I dug deeper, I realized there were no resources in Spanish.  At the time, I was still living in the Dominican Republic.  I realized I needed to make some resources to share with my friends in Spanish.  That’s when Fe Creativa was born, back in May of 2016.

In my last two weeks of living in the Dominican Republic I made a Spanish prayer journal and had 100 copies printed.  I gave three workshops with ladies from 12-years-old to 70-years-old.  People were eager to learn about a creative way to spend time with God.

I moved back to the United States and God gave me the crazy idea to start a business.  So here I am, trying to figure things out as I go.  Trusting that God would not leave me or abandon me if He put such a crazy idea in my head.  Read on to discover the materials and workshops we offer.  We hope you will join us on this journey to get closer to the Lord.

In Christ, Hillary

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