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I loved the Creative Faith workshop I attended! It inspired me and gave me confidence to express my prayers and thoughts in a creative way using the prayer journals and supplies at the workshop. Two hours flew by, and we all wanted to keep working and visiting. Can't wait to do this again!

Creative Faith has been a new and exciting way for me to connect with God using the creativity that He has given me.  Recently I was able to share this new experience with my 7-year-old niece Lily, in Hillary’s workshop.  My niece and I share a love of everything creative, so it was wonderful to combine that with a way to introduce her to deepening her understanding of God through the prayer journals we worked on in the workshop.  Hillary provided many different art media to choose from which made it fun and really showed us how the possibilities are truly endless as we explore what God has for us as we meet Him in the pages of our journals.

I participated in one of Hillary’s workshops during the fall of 2016. It was a really great spin between an art class and a mini Bible study. Though I don’t see myself as much of an artist, it was a blast! Some weeks passed, and I was downhearted due to various circumstances that had transpired. It was then that I found Hillary’s artistic prayer journal. I soon felt refreshed and renewed as I reviewed the verses I had tried so hard to illustrate and found myself blessed. I highly recommend these journals and devotionals which Hillary has been so thoughtful and careful in putting together!

Creative Faith was a great blessing for me and my family.

For a long time I have had the desire to do some kind of devotional with my family, to share and learn about the Word of God together. My family celebrates birthdays and events together, but we don’t often get the opportunity to spend time studying the Bible together.

When I learned that I had the opportunity to have a Creative Faith workshop, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get my family together. I knew what Creative Faith was about, but I had never had the experience of participating in a workshop. We organized the activity and all my family participated.  My parents, my siblings, my aunts, and cousins all attended. I was surprised to see everyone together. One of the reasons everyone participated was that Creative Faith offered a fun and different way to a traditional devotional.

The part that permanently impacted my life was to see everyone so interested and so concentrated in expressing what God was telling them through a Bible passage.  I remember when we started the workshop there was a lot of noise, everyone asking things, but later there was a silence that made me raise my head.  When looked up, I saw everyone intimately connected with what they were doing in their devotional book, trying to be as creative as possible with their prayers, even people who haven’t accepted Jesus into their lives.

It was an amazing time to see how God used Creative Faith to give my family a close time with Him.  Everyone was fascinated, including me.  If I had the opportunity to do it every day, I would!


I am a first-hand witness of watching how “Creative Faith” draws people of different age groups together and then encourages them to go deeper in their walk with God. Hillary coordinated a woman’s event ranging in ages of about 16 years on up thru 50 years, had all of us come together in one room and enjoy sitting side by side to create our own journals where she gave us just enough instruction and guidelines to springboard us into creating on our own. For some of us we definitely depended on those helpful guidelines, and for others, their artistic juices were flowin’ strong! What I loved witnessing was BOTH the artistic and not-so-artistic be able to create a beautiful journal that lit a spark for all of us to use this very method in seeking God’s Face on our own and journaling what He speaks to our hearts. This creative method crossed borders and drew together like few things I have ever seen. And, what she taught us in one evening, most definitely didn’t stop there, but was rather our individual beginning of something that hopefully would become a holy habit for each of us!

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