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Freebie: Scrabble Alphabet

Freebie: Scrabble Alphabet

I noticed on the Michael’s Instagram this week that Thursday was National Scrabble Day!  Which got me thinking, it would be fun to Bible journal with Scrabble letters.

I created this Scrabble alphabet for you to print and use in your Bible, prayer journal, card-making, and more!  You can print it portrait style for bigger letters, or flip it landscape style for tinier letters.

Download here

Today was a fun day playing with them in my traveler’s notebook and in my Bible.  In my traveler’s notebook, I combined the Scrabble letters with the New Beginnings freebie.

In my morning time with Jesus, I have been reading through the book of John.  Today was John chapter 5, which God used to touch my heart.

“One who was there had been an invalid for thirty-eight years.”  John 5:5

The invalid had been waiting for 38 years to be healed!  Can you imagine, being so close to a pool that could heal you, but still having to wait.  The Bible is full of people who waited for sons, who waited for the Promise Land, people who waited for a spouse, for healing, for the time to become a leader…  This week I was confronted with something where God asked me to wait longer.  It was devastating, but God wouldn’t ask me to wait unless He had a good reason.

Another post I saw on Instagram this week said, “Before God can walk you into the promise, He has to walk you through the process.  God is more focused on you becoming the right person than taking you to the right place.”  Jonathan Josephs 

Enjoy the Scrabble alphabet letters!  We would love to see how you use them.  Tag us on Instagram.  @creativefaithco

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