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Five Favorite Ways: Verse Cards

Five Favorite Ways: Verse Cards

…to use verse/hymn cards

Each of our kits comes with a card that has a verse or hymn on it.  We also sometimes have verse cards as freebies on the blog.

As a flap:  Attach a verse or hymn card to a page in your Bible or devotional journal to hide a prayer or thoughts you don’t want others to read at first glance.  Attach it using washi tape or a paperclip.

On velum:  Print out the verse cards on velum paper!  This creates a semi see-through affect.  Velum is so fun to play with.  You can paint behind it or add colored paper.

As a card:  I took the free card from Valentine’s day, colored it, and gave it to my sister.  It was a simple way to spread some extra love.

In a frame:  A nice way to display them when you aren’t crafting is in a frame.  Cute and cheap decoration to inspire and encourage you.

Cut up: I felt like a huge rebel cutting up the verse card.  I took the card from the Adventure Awaits devotional kit and cut the verse out of the middle, which created a beautiful pink frame.  The “GO” printable that goes with the kit adhered to the frame.  On the inside of the frame, I wrote a prayer.  Don’t be afraid to use the materials provided in a whole new way!

Grab one of our devotional kits, or download this free verse card to get started creating!  Do you have another way you like to use these?  Let us know!

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