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En Español: Nueva Creación Freebie

En Español: Nueva Creación Freebie

To read this blog in Spanish, head to the top of the page and click the Spanish flag!

God put it on my heart to start creating more resources in Spanish.  Last week I created the verse card featured in this post in Spanish, and this week I wanted to create a video showing some ideas how to use it.  The funniest part?  I realized I would need to speak in Spanish in the video…  Just this week I have been feeling so discouraged about my Spanish.  I can tell I am losing it since living in the United States.  I kept aruging with God, asking Him if I really needed to do this.  He typically wins those arguments, and He hardly asks me to do things inside my comfort zone.

Check out the YouTube video here!

I used Gelatos, mini mister, and the packaging from stickers I purchased awhile ago.  There are many ways to be creative with trash.  🙂  Last weekend I found some fun shapes on sale at Craft Warehouse, which I used for the little gold hearts at the bottom of the page.

I created the verse card in two sizes to download: giant and normal.  You could use the giant one as a notebook cover.  You could also use it as a full page tip in the Bible.  I used the smaller size for the page shown in this post.

Download here

I also want to say that you do NOT need a journaling Bible to use this resource!  Use it in a journal, or on a plain piece of paper.  Glue it down and write a prayer around it.  You could use colored pencils to create a background, or use your own pretty handwriting around the verse card!

Find us on Instagram @creativefaithco and let us know how you are using this resource!

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  1. I am very interested in starting a Spanish Bible Journaling class at my church, could you please me some pointers on how to go about this?
    Thank you and God bless you.

    1. Hello Rebecca! How wonderful that you want to start a Spanish Bible journaling class at your church. That will be a wonderful blessing. I would download one of my freebies in Spanish and ask ladies to bring a blank notebook they want to work in, that way everyone doesn’t need to buy an expensive journaling Bible. You can lead the class like a Bible study. Read the scripture passage and use the creative prompts and questions to get started. You could use colored pencils, or washi tape, or a few stamps as some fun art supplies. Let me know if you want to talk more about this! You can send me an email: 🙂

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