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Bible Journaling On The Go

Bible Journaling On the Go

The past few days I have spent at the beach with my family.  It was wonderful to lay in bed, walk along the coast, and enjoy some junk food.  I love traveling and taking vacations, but sometimes I get overwhelmed because I want to Bible journal.  I have so many supplies.  How do I pick what to bring?

Packing small amounts of tools to use for Bible journaling while away from home becomes an amazing creative challenge.  While I was gone, God put it on my heart to spend some time Bible journaling with just a black pen.  (to be blogged about at a later date!)  You don’t need many supplies to create beautiful pages that illustrate your time spent with Him.

Check out my Youtube video here to watch me unpack my Bible journaling bag.

What did I bring?


-pens, black and colored (in my New Hope pencil pouch!)

-brush markers

-Happy Planner alpha stickers

-3 stamp sets, 1 alpha, 1 love, 1 faith

-clear block for stamps

-1 black ink, 2 colored ink


-washi tape

-Embellishments glue stick, Elemers glue runner

-baby scissors

-fabric dori to hold all my devotional kits

Rest in Him devotional kit and Adventure Awaits devotional kit

What do you bring with you while you are Bible journaling on the go?  What are your must have supplies?

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