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On Wednesday, Amanda from Move the Mountains posted on Instagram: “At the beginning of the year, many of us picked theme words we felt like the Lord was pressing on our hearts. I went a little crazy and picked two theme phrases. Whoops!  While these words and phrases are exciting to pick initially, we often forget about them as we go about our year. Today, I want you to check in on them!

Let’s open up our Bibles (if you journaled a page) and look at that theme word or verse or phrase you picked and see how it is playing out in your life right now.  Think about how God has been using this word to teach you and grow you. Consider your perspective now versus when you picked this word. Journal around this verse in your Bible or do a tip or just use a separate journal to record all of these things.  I challenge you today to revisit that theme word/phrase/verse you chose and dive into it again! And if you didn’t choose one, pick one now!  What have you learned from your theme word so far this year?”

My word for the year?  REST

This week not one, not two, but three people told me I need to slow down and take better care of myself.  I typically do not work on Fridays, and another friend suggested that I don’t plan anything for the day.  But what if I don’t do anything, I thought.  What if God doesn’t fill my day with anything overly exciting?  Which was the exact point.

Yesterday I spent the day relaxing, Bible journaling, and watching television.  It was a gloriously slow day.  I pulled out the Rest in Him devotional kit and dove into the page titled Gentle Whisper.

The page walks through Elijah as he looks for the presence of God in the earthquake, fire, and windstorm.  He ends up finding God in the gentle, quiet breeze.  The noise of the world is so loud, but the voice of God is so quiet.

Are you slowing down enough to hear it?  Are you paying attention when God uses the people around you to tell you something?

Download your own copy of the Scrabble letters used on this page here.

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