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En Español: Produce En Mí, Semana #4

En español: Produce en Mí, Semana #4

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Each week I fall in love with God’s Word more and more as we dive into different aspects of Galatians 5:22-23.  I also fall in love with the images God puts on my heart each week.  Week four is all about peace and the watermelon.

Why a watermelon?  Download the devotion below and read the third prompt under “Going Deeper.”  My favorite image to use this week?  The cute watermelon sandals!  I want a real pair for myself.

Descargar devocional aqui

Watch YouTube video here

This week the YouTube video focuses on the process of creating in my Bible instead of my traveler’s notebook like the prior weeks.  As I studied about God’s peace in the fruit of the spirit, I remembered the shoes of peace in the armor of God in Ephesians chapter 6.  The cute watermelon sandals fit perfectly on this page.

I kept it rather simple in my traveler’s notebook page.  I copied the little black seeds from the Bible page onto my notebook.  Two watercolor watermelons remind me that God’s love covers me, just like the rind covers the inside of the watermelon.

Some of the elements I printed on sticker paper, including the gray “produce in me” phrase from week 2 of this class.  Remember to go back and look through the prior week printables to use them more than once!

It is interesting how as we study and dive into different topics in the Bible, the devil begins to attack us in those exact areas.  The story from the devotion about being home alone is from a month or so ago.  Since then, I have moved out of my parent’s house and into a townhouse with my cousin.

Right as I was preparing for week four (all about peace), she left for a trip.  The other night I was home alone, and I started worrying and getting scared again.  An image came to mind that I want to Bible journal later this week.  I thought of a watermelon umbrella.  Little black seeds/rain are coming down all over the silhouette of the girl holding the umbrella.

Remember, God’s peace covers you.  Satan will try and take away your peace, but cry out to God, and put on your watermelon sandals to focus on peace this week.

Do you struggle finding God’s peace each day?  What has helped you keep your eyes focused on Him when the devil tries to take away your peace?  Leave a comment below!


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