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A Year Of Bible Journaling

A Year of Bible Journaling

I have been Bible journaling for a year.  One whole year diving into God’s Word in a new and creative way.

What is Bible journaling?

Bible journaling is spending time in God’s Word and recording what you learn in a creative way either in your Bible or journal .  Someone I was talking to recently said, “Oh, is it kind of like Bible scrapbooking?”  I loved that description because it is a way to document your journey and walk with the Lord.

Why do I love Bible journaling? 

  • I dig deep into God’s Word.  It has been monumental for me to think about the passages I read in a different way.  I cannot just read a few verses and put a check next to “read Bible” in my planner.  Through Bible journaling I get the opportunity to think about how I will illustrate and paint what God is teaching me in a passage.  Oftentimes I need to reread the verses to think about how to express them visually.  Using the creative prompts in our devotionals helps me think about scripture in a deeper way, as well.
  • Scripture sticks in my head more.  I am such a visual learner.  Painting, drawing, using stickers and stamps has helped me remember scripture better.  I remember painting feathers on Psalm 91 to represent us climbing under His wings.  Nehemiah built a giant wall which shows us God is a big god with big plans for our lives.  I remember that because I painted a huge two-page spread of a brick wall.  Writing and drawing the verses in different ways helps it stick in our minds.
  • I delight in spending time with the Lord.  You can read my testimony a bit more here, but I have grown up around the church and Bible.  It wasn’t until high school that I started reading it on my own, but I have never been super consistent.  Through this last year of Bible journaling, I have dug deep into the Word of God more consistently than ever before.  I feel a craving to dive into what He can teach me through the Bible.
  • Beautiful fellowship with others!  Getting to teach and share about Bible journaling has been a great way for me to connect with other people.  Through giving workshops, to even just painting and reading with my mom in the bonus room, I have gotten to know people on a deeper level through Bible journaling.  Getting together with girlfriends and family while we share about the word of God?  Nothing better than that!
  • I get to use my gifts and talents.  God made me a creative person.  I truly believe He made us all that way because we are all made in His image.  I love using my creativity when I spend time with Him.

Take a flip through my Bible here!

Would you like to join us?

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