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Guest Post: Breakfast With Jesus With Gayle

Guest Post: Breakfast with Jesus with Gayle

As soon as I saw the new Creative Faith Cutable “Breakfast With Jesus“, I put it in my Etsy cart and bought it!  The bright colors and the retro theme were fun, but it was the title that intrigued me.  Breakfast is my favorite meal…I could have breakfast food any time of the day!

Before I printed it, and read the devotion, I began to think about what would breakfast with Jesus look like?  What would I do?  Would I be listening? Or would words be pouring out of my mouth?  Would I even be too nervous to eat?  I even imagined that I might not be able to say anything at all, but instead just marvel at His presence.  

Then, I began to read.  The disciples were just ordinary men and yet, they were having breakfast with their Risen Lord!  From what I read, they were sitting and having a meal prepared by Jesus Himself.  They were eating.  They were talking.  They were listening.  They asked questions.  Jesus gave them instructions.  They pondered.  They spent intimate, quality time having a meal and conversing with their Lord…their friend.  Aren’t some of the best conversations over a meal?

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Because I live alone and don’t work away from home, I am often by myself.  I find myself talking with Jesus as I’m going about my day.  His Word swirls through my head.  Songs of worship play on repeat in my mind. I hear His voice whispering to my heart. I stay in pretty constant fellowship with Him.  

But, when I read the question that Creative Faith wrote, “how often do I pause and soak in deep conversations with Him?”, that caused me to stop and ponder.  How often is my time with Jesus just a casual conversation?  A bagel in hand and a prayer on the way out the door?  A few minutes reading my verse of the day as I sit at desk before work?   

Hmmm. I have to go now…it’s time to pause…sit at the table, have deep conversation and “Breakfast With Jesus”!   


Breakfast with Jesus, Creative Faith Cutables, Bible journaling inspiration

For my traveler’s notebook, I used 4 pieces of card stock, folded in half, and stapled in the middle.  When closed, it measures 8 x 4.25.  Because I wanted to follow through with the “diner” theme that Creative Faith Co gave us in the cutables, I made a foldout “menu” section with the devotional and with the going deeper sections.

To make the foldout parts, I trimmed each of the cutables to size and then used washi tape on the back to hold them together in an accordion style foldout. I also printed extras of the journal pages and washi strips, so I’d have plenty of room to take notes…on fun decorative pages of course.  

Let your creativity take over and have some fun as you make your devotional personally yours!

Download your copy here today.  Learn more about Creative Faith Cutables here.


Gayle Bond, Patio Ponderings, Collaboration, Guest BloggerGayle Bond is the creator of the Patio Ponderings Blog.  She has a beautiful Instagram account, and loves spending time teaching Bible journaling, spending time with her family, writing, and encouraging women through social media.  I had been praying for an Instagram friend, and Gayle and I bonded over a piece of tree washi tape.  I asked her where she found it, and she said she would send me some.  I was blown away by her kindness.  God has created a beautiful community around Bible journaling.  Thank you, Gayle, for sharing with us!   

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