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Freebie: Beautiful Rest

Freebie: Beautiful Rest

Snow has taken over the northwest this winter.  The news has been covering the snow non-stop, social media is flooded with images of the snow, and the white stuff just keeps coming down.  Interesting enough, snow goes well with my phrase for the year: Be still and rest.  I wanted to create a freebie for you guys based on what God is teaching me through this snowy season.

Beautiful rest devotional freebie

My process:

  1. Gather supplies: I used a blank traveler’s notebook to journal, but any size notebook will work.  Paint, letter stickers, washi tape, pens, date stamp, old gift card, scissors, tape runner
  2. Tape or glue the devotional onto a page.  Read it over and pray.  I always use pens or paint to highlight and underline questions, verses, and points that stand out as I study God’s Word.
  3. An old Chick-fil-a giftcard came in handy to smear some blue paint onto the blank page.
  4. I used a few of the printables included in the devotional as prompts to help with my journaling.
  5. Washi tape and some stickers went around the page as decoration and to help deepen my understanding of the topic.
  6. Ribbon covered in snowflakes came from a Christmas present.  I cut the ribbon and tied it onto a blue paperclip to make a little bookmark next to the gray polka dot tab.
  7. I wrote out a prayer at the top of the page.  Many of my devotional journals or Bible pages have prayers on them because that’s how I connect with God.
  8. Every time I complete a page, I use a date stamp or write the date.

You can find the time lapse video of the process here on Youtube.

Tag us in your posts and pictures!  We would love to see how you are using this freebie.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Betty. I am glad you like the videos. This was my very first one. The phone was balanced on a giant stack of books. 🙂

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