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Five Favorite Ways: Washi

Five Favorite Ways: Washi

…to use washi tape!

We are going to do a blog series called “Five Favorite Ways.”  This series will show you different ways to use Bible journaling resources, and it will hopefully inspire you and give you some new ideas.
Washi tape is my very favorite thing to use in Bible journaling, prayer journaling, and life itself!  I have pictures hung on my wall using washi tape.  One Christmas when I was living in the Dominican Republic, my roommate and I created a fireplace out of washi tape.  The opportunities are endless.

As a border:  I love adding washi tape to frame pages or my reflections on a page.  Sometimes I layer the washi tape, and sometimes I fold it over the edge of a page.  Sometimes I line the whole entire page with washi tape, while other times I just add an inch or two.

As a tag/bookmark:  If you take a little bit of washi tape and fold it over at the top or edge of a page leaving some extra hanging off the top, it turns into a book mark!  I love having tabs stick out of my Bible to remind myself about which pages I have completed.  Washi tape is a good alternative to my typical use of paper clips or a tab punch.

To make secret flaps:  I love using washi tape as a hinge to make flaps with hidden messages underneath.  Sometimes I use the flap to hide a prayer, or a personal reflection I wrote on the page.  Other times, I will hide key words, or a picture.  My mom used a flap once to hide a little bit of washi tape underneath.

To mask off a verse:  One of the greatest things about washi tape is that it is not permanent.  I often use it to mask off a verse or phrase in a devotional or on a Bible page.  I cover the sentence or verse I want to remain white, and then I watercolor or paint over the whole page.  Carefully peel back the washi tape.  You will be left with a box where the washi tape was covering.

To cut up and use as inspiration:  Someone this week sent me a picture of a page she completed in her prayer journal.  I was admiring her cute flower stickers when I realized she had cut up washi tape into circles to make them look like flowers.  What a brilliant idea!  I have some fun washi tape with shapes on them to experiment with this new technique.

I love getting washi tape at Michaels, Jo-Anns fabrics, the Target Dollar spot, and event the Dollar Tree has cute washi tape!

What are your favorite ways to use washi tape?  Let us know in the comments below!

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