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Five Favorite Ways: Produce In Me, Wk 3

Five Favorite Ways: Produce in Me, Wk 3

…to use week 3 of the (FREE!) Produce in Me online class!

I have been so inspired seeing people use week three of the Produce in Me online class all about JOY.  Here are some of my favorite ideas/ways to use the resources.

Write something else on the jars – Gayle of @patioponderings wrote “joy” on one of the blank jars.  You could write a friend’s name on one of the jars.  You could write your word of the year.  You could write happy birthday and turn it into a greeting card.  I love the fact that she used the same style font.

Create a shaker – fill the jar with something!  This week on Instagram, Laura (@lgj302) posted a little birdie shaker on her joy page, which inspired me to attempt to make a shaker out of the joy jars.  You could use glitter or sequins on the inside.  You could keep the jar shape, or you could glue it onto a square or rectangular piece of card stock.

Banana stamping with a twist – Use the end of the banana as a stamp (cut off the little nub at the end).  I loved the pattern this created on Vonda’s page.   She stamped it onto vellum and then glued it to the backside of her traveler’s notebook page.  Check out the final result on her Instagram page (@vondameland)!  It looked really neat.

Print the jars of joy in black and white and add different colors to the flowers and jars as a coloring sheet.  I used watercolors and watercolor colored pencils for this, but you could use markers or even crayons.  Print some off for your kids to use and add it to your Bible or journal page.  What a sweet keepsake of their little hands at work.

Journal some extra joy verses: Romans 15:13, Psalm 5:11, Psalm 126:3, Luke 1:44, Luke 10:17, Hebrews 1:9

Do you have any fun ideas to add for how you used the resources in week 3 of the Produce in Me class?  Add them in the comments below!  Get ready for week four coming out on Friday.

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