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Five Favorite Ways: Ink

Five Favorite Ways: Ink

5 favorite ways, how to, bible journlaling

…to use ink!

On a baby wipe:  Baby wipes are one of the greatest things for Bible and prayer journaling.  Not only can you clean your stamps with them, they are great for spreading paint and ink on the pages!

On the edge:  Use an ink pad to dab the very edge of a page or verse card.  This creates a thin border.

Swiped across the page:  Michael’s sells these little ink pads for $1.  I love swiping them across the page to create a subtly streaky background.  On this page I used blue and lime green.

Specialty ink pads:  I have a special ink pad that has multiple colors on it.  This was one of my first times playing with it.  I stamped the ink over two colors at once.  Here is a similar ink pad to the one I have on Amazon.  Ombre ink pads keep catching my eye, as well.  Check out this one on Amazon!

Layered stamps: I love the layered stamp look.  This page is about Jesus calming the storm, so I thought the layered blue rain drops were perfect.  Using clear stamps on an acrylic block is best for this technique so you can see where you are layering.  It gives it a 3D look.

How do you use ink pads?  Which of these five is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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