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Five Favorite Ways: Gelatos

Five Favorite Ways: Gelatos

…to use Gelato Markers.

If you missed the gratitude journaling workshop this week at Main Street Stamp and Stationary, here’s an overview from the Gelato technique part of the evening.

I first discovered Gelatos when Lori at By the Well 4 God included a free one in an order on Etsy.  (side note: check out her shop!  She is amazing!)  I began to play and experiment with using them in my Bible and on the devotional pages.  They are kind of like paint in lipstick form.

Here are some fun ways to use Gelatos!

On a stamp:  You can use Gelato markers directly on a stamp!  Color over the stamp and press down like normal.

Blended with a baby wipe:  This is the first way I learned how to use Gelatos.  Run the Gelato over a page or part of a page.  This technique works well with blending two different colors.  Use the baby wipe to smear and spread the pigment around on the page.

Create your own watercolors: In a small container, rub the Gelato on the bottom.  A small dixie cup or plastic container would work well.  Add a small amount of water and use as paint.  The more water you add, the less vibrant the color.

With a straw: Once you have made it into a watercolor using the previous method, you can spread the paint around using a straw.  This creates a fun firework explosion of paint on the page.

Wet brush directly onto the stick:  Take the Gelato marker and wet your paintbrush.  You can directly rub the paintbrush onto the Gelato for a stronger color while using them.

Bonus idea – As lipstick:  Ha!  (Disclaimer: do not actually try this at home.)

What are your favorite ways to use Gelatos?  Have you tried any of these techniques before?  Let us know!

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