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En Español: Produce En Mí, Semana #10

En español: Produce en Mí, Semana #10

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Self control.  The most challenging topic for me throughout this study on Galatians 5:22-23.  When I was recently in the Dominican Republic, one of my friends there told me she would love to write for Creative Faith.  I am excited to have Ruth Dominguez (@iamjasrey on Instagram) share her heart with us this week.  She also has a blog!  Check out her blog here and give her some love!

The most ironic thing happened when she sent me the first draft of the devotion.  I have been trying to not eat as many sweets, because I eat them when I am stressed or overwhelmed, instead of turning to God.  The day she sent the draft to me, I had made it until 8:00 pm when I got home from work without sweets.  But I had a rough day.  And I didn’t have the energy to make dinner.  And a big box of m&ms were sitting on my desk.  So I ate them instead of making a healthy dinner.  As I was chowing down, I opened Ruth’s devotion all about self control.  I felt so convicted.

Descargar devocional aqui

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This week I had so much fun painting with toilet paper and apples!  I love thinking outside of the box when it comes to new ideas in Bible journaling.  They say the best ideas come to us when we are in the bathroom, and I LOVE how it turned out.  It reminds me of confetti, which is perfect for celebrating when we conquer temptation and show self control.

I painted 1 Corinthians 10:13 in my Bible in both my English and Spanish Bible this week.  I used the apple piece to create a yellow border on the Bible page.  The sunglasses came from inspiration from a sad moment this week.  My favorite pair of sunglasses broke, so I have been using these new blue rimmed aviator sunglasses.  I hoped that if I used them in my Bible, they might become my new favorite sunglasses.

Plus, I love the different ways we can use glasses in journaling.  On this page, I used them to represent how we need to keep our eyes open to the exits God gives us when we are being tempted.  We need self control to help us say no to the things God knows are bad for us.

Next week is our last week of the Produce in Me class.  What has been your favorite week so far?  What has God been teaching you through this class?  Let us know in the comments below!

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