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Content And Discontent

Content and Discontent

God always seems to put people in my life at just the right time.  This week I got to catch up with one of my friends from high school.  We both were involved with YoungLife in high school, and throughout the past few years have both traveled and served abroad.  We talked about life in the United States after spending so much time elsewhere.  It can be a challenge to live with so many places and people rooted in our hearts.

I suggested we pray together before leaving Starbucks.  One line from here prayer stuck with me:  “Lord, help us to be content and discontent here.”  Wherever here may be, I want God to teach me to love where I am.  We also should strive to be discontent – pushed outside of our comfort zones.  Also, earth is not our home.  Our home is in  heaven, so we should always be discontent here on earth.  The contradiction in the phrase has made me think.

I have been playing with ombre letters and numbers all week long.  Here’s a little break down on how to make them in your Bible or journal.

First, I take a pencil to outline the letters or numbers.  Sometimes I use stencils, and sometimes I just do it free hand.

I use my watercolors and start with the darkest color on the bottom.  As I work up, I add the lighter shades in the same color.  Then, I outline it in black marker so it stands out .

I used some of the cut outs in the free printable (find it here) posted on my blog.  What is God is teaching you right now?  Let’s pray this prayer together that God would help us to be content and discontent right where He has us.

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